Drupy: Drupal in Python

" Drupy is a Python port of the Drupal content management system, which until now was only available in PHP." This is a great project, filling a big need. Check it out. The Drupy Project


Drupal AJAX Forms Validation

Here is a beautiful little module I have created which will automagically validate your forms via AJAX, so you get no page refresh when getting back validation information on a Drupal form. Drupal AJAX Forms Validation


Get Non Up-to-Date Files in CVS

Here it is:
# Get Non Up-to-Date Files in CVS
# This will not work within a Bash alias without proper escaping
# It would be better to put it in file somewhere within you Bash PATH

cvs -qr status | grep Status: | awk '$4 != "Up-to-date" { print $0 }'